Mindful movement based in Pilates, Yoga, and Barre for group and 1:1 tailor-made sessions.

With a holistic approach to health and wellness and powered by the healing power of sound, I've crafted these classes with a look at the physical and emotional bodies.



We believe in minimalism, design, and timeless content with a vibe - not just in Studio Anna Bek but in wellness too. For us, it's all connected. Feeling grounded, clear, and connected are the building blocks from which we create. ÁNALUNA Wellness offers tools to help you and your business stay intentional and consistent.

ways to work with me




With an understanding of your current condition and goals, private instruction is fully catered to your needs - be it pre/post-natal, finding peace in a high-stress time, needing support to find consistency, wanting to deepen your practice from home or on the road, detoxing, or in recovery from an injury - I offer one-off sessions and programs to meet to align with your intentions and accelerate your practice.

Gathering on-location in culturally rich locations has become one of the greatest ways for us to retreat and connect. To create a holistic container, offering movement classes, connection ceremonies, and plant-based food menus are vital. I facilitate, teach, or program your activities while in retreats or trainings.

As part of your team for on-going class schedules or as a teacher trainer, we hone in on the kinds of experiences you offer to reach your target market. To build community and expand on specific topics, I offer bespoke workshops and sonic journeys that provide deep relaxation with a look at brainwave frequencies as affected by harmony and resonance.



Born on the rugged shores of Uluwatu in the Southern peninsula of Bali, ÁNALUNA Wellbeing Co. was created to share the rituals of self-care I am most passionate about to help others connect with themselves and other like-minded beings. Teaching has kept me feeling balanced while growing Studio Anna Bek...and more in tune with the needs of the clients I serve.

I first fell in love with Vinyasa Yoga and how the flow state focused my mind and built body awareness. I've kept at it all these years now for my mental health and the spiritual path it has led me on. Barre and Pilates have been the greatest remedy for my own lower back pain. I have come to believe spinal mobility and core stability are the foundation of everything we do.

Now I'm most passionate in sharing the practices to help prevent and recover from injuries, to detoxify and release what is stuck and limiting, and to keep us feeling that sense of connection - to our vitality, spirituality, sexuality and also to each other. 


Hi, I 'm Anna Bek.

movement is my medicine

Anna Bek

Each session is tuned to a unique rhythm with one simple intention. feel good.

Anchoring you in the present to help work through whatever arises, each class welcomes all of you and your messiness. We are all perfectly imperfect and by moving our bodies, we can slowly realign and refine. 








Foundational yet powerful series of movements that combines the precision of Barre with compounding exercises and controlled Pilates-based movements so you can efficiently drop into your body, tone your muscles, and sweat! Get that muscle-shaking burn with core-focused classes that target your abs, hips, glutes, and thighs. Inner strength, gut instinct, and gut health are at the core of everything we do.

60-90 min | Props

Building life force and moving energy along the pathways of the nadis and chakras, we work by linking the breath with the movement as we refine static shapes rooted in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga with the creative sequencing and dynamic nature of Vinyasa or Power Yoga. With a focus on the energetic locks and pranayama, we can prepare the mind and the body for seated (or laying) meditation. Find strength and mental clarity while creating openness.

60-90 min | Props Optional


Restorative and Yin Yoga Shapes held for anywhere between 1-10 minutes with the support of props to find space, release tension, create length in the fascia, and to tone the vegas nerve for recalibrating the nervous system. Once the body is prepared, 30+ minutes are dedicated to sounds that tune the ears and provide deep healing through listening, shifting brain wave states. I enjoy using live instruments and often collaborate with other musicians.

90-120 min | Props

restore + receive

With a look at dynamic movements to allow blood flow and movement patterns designed by your Physio, let's get you moving and back to peak performance with a protocol that suits your current condition and goals. Often a blend of modalities will suit a session best, allowing for a look at the lymphatic system, the nervous system, and your whole anatomy in connection to practices and sounds that elevate your mood and mindset.

60 min | Props



Q. What are your certifications and qualifications?

In short, I am a ERYT-500 level teacher.

The long journey began in 2010 with my 200-hour YTT based in Vinyasa Yoga from the Rasa School of Yoga at Montezuma Yoga in Costa Rica. In 2013 I received a 64-hour Yoga Barre Certification with Nancy Norby at Hot 8 Yoga in Santa Monica, California. 2015 I did a 2-week course in Culinary Nutrition with Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy as well a Raw Food Chef Certification with Seeds of Life in Ubud, Bali. Later that year, I completed my 100-hour training in Yin Yoga with Rebecca Rivera at Hot 8 Yoga in Beverly Hills, California. In 2016-2017, I studied in Lagree Fitness, Mat and Reformer Pilates while also teaching full-time with Hot 8 Yoga where I taught Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Yoga Barre, and Yoga Vibe. In 2018, I did my 300-hour YTT with the Kula Collective in Bali, Indonesia with a focus in Shamanism, Ayurveda, and Philosophy. I also completed the 100-hour YACEP course with Sound Ceremony at the Yoga Forest in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala where I then became a facilitator, teaching many further 100-hour courses between Guatemala and Spain while also hosting my own retreats. The founders of Sound Ceremony now have another program called the Forest Path, under which I have studied various master plant medicines and indigenous shamanic practices. Now I am dedicated to sharing programs to help retreat hosts, studios, and 1:1 clients while based in Bali where I have been teaching for the Ubud Yoga Centre in Hot Barre, Hot TRX, Vinyasa Yoga, Sound Baths and Breathwork and also Mat Pilates classes for Flow & Form in Uluwatu. I've done residencies and supported others in retreat centers in Rishikesh in India, Luang Prabang in Laos, Taghazout in Morocco, Formentera and Ibiza in Spain...and look forward to growing our Global community with you!

Q. Can you come to our retreat to teach and to capture photos?

I get this question more often than not! You can see my page for transformational experiences where I was often teaching alongside capturing the magic of the journey or pilgrimage. Let's discuss how I can merge my branding and creative talents with your wellness needs.

Q. Are you still teaching TRX?

Great question! I love teaching TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) in a group and 1:1 setting because of the suspension component being very similar to the spring-loaded platform of the reformer and megaformer machines. It really is a great strength training modality! Due to the nature of the set-up required, its a bit more cumbersome and requires sturdy walls, doors, and quite a bit of existing strength that is not for every body, this modality is only practiced where the conditions are right. If you'd like to incorporate this into your 1:1 program or at your studio, I'd be happy to help!

Q. I'm currently pregnant or post-partum, do you have the knowledge to help?

Like any major life event or change to your body, its good to first understand your needs, level, doctor's advice, and goals. I've studied Pre/Post natal in regards to Yoga and Pilates but ultimately I feel it would serve you best to work on a 1:1 basis. Group classes have a lot of varied body types, levels, and considerations and there isn't enough time to really give you the attention you deserve! If you're already really conditioned, have an existing practice, and feel you know what to do while in class, simply let me know so I can prepare what we need to look out for ahead of time.

Q. I am in recovery from an injury and have been instructed by my doctor or physio that I need to work on mobility and strength. How do we work together?

This past year, I too have been in recovery from 1 bulged disc at L4/L5 and another fully ruptured L5/S1 with severe nerve pain and damage. The pain before and after surgery and resulting limitations and weakness I've endured have given me so much insight into the recovery process. My goal is to help you keep up with the routine you need to set to rehabilitate back to peak performance as these low impact modalities have for me. A thorough assessment will be important and I welcome instruction to incorporate from physios or osteos to aid in the work we do together. I believe in the motto or mantra, "motion is lotion" and it cannot be said enough how important it is to support the surrounding muscles either in strengthening or releasing tension...and your flexibility begins with a flexible mindset.