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Hi, I'm Anna.

I am a multi-passionate creative with a fondness for those hidden gem hideaways and cultural crossroads. I spend most of my days creating, exploring, and hacking into coconuts after long swims in the ocean.

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How to Work with a Photogapher

How to Work with a Photographer

New Client

September 7, 2023

Anna Bek


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Each piece of creative content goes through the processes of ideation, Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production phases before it makes its way into the marketing channels. When planning your photoshoot and looking to hire and work with a photographer, understanding each of these phases will make the process much more enjoyable!


First things first! Know why you are thinking of doing a photo shoot for your business or brand. What are your goals for creating new content? Then prepare this information to discuss with your photographer:


Identifying your target audience and how you want to reach them, including your Brand Tone and Voice.


What are you looking to create content for? Are you telling a story about a life event, announcing a new offering, a product launch, or an event, or simply creating general brand awareness?


Define the channels where the content will perform. Is it on social media? What formats? Websites? Printed Publications? Each format requires a slightly different approach. This will inform your deliverables.


Giving yourself enough time to prepare your concepts or to allow someone to help you with them will be essential to a successful shoot. Make it easy on yourself and set a realistic shooting and post-shooting schedule.


It is always helpful to mindmap and pull some references to help communicate your own personal vision and expectations when working with a photographer. This will help them understand what kind of lighting set-up, vibes, styling, retouching, effects, etc. to consider when giving you a quote.


Props, locations, and styling can be important parts of storytelling. Learn more about that in How to Style your Photoshoot and either include this in your budget and timeline or ask for help from your Photographer.


Most photographers working on smaller-scale productions charge for their time to include all three phases of the process, which means there is a lot of work to do after the shoot has wrapped. It is important to remember the value of their equipment and hired crew when considering pricing. When you work with a photographer, take into consideration their ability to give direction during the shoot alongside the ability to curate, edit, color, and retouch photos. Be sure to discuss options, inclusions, and packages once you’ve given all the information above, which makes up your Shoot Brief. Need help creating a Photoshoot Brief? Check out this one here by Milanote.


Have a 1:1 call with your photographer and explain your project concept and timeline. If working with me, be sure to fill out your New Client Questionnaire and Content Strategy Workbook so I am really clear about you and your business and how I can help you elevate your brand.

During the Shoot

If you are new to being in front of the camera, it is important to communicate this! Sometimes you may require direction, and sometimes you might want to be the director…Go you!

Have Fun!

Most importantly, photography is a creative process intended to help you share your offerings and your essence with the world. With each photoshoot, you will get more comfortable with the process!

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I'm Anna Bek

I'm a traveling artist, obsessed with living like a local, and always looking for ways to help you feel more spaciousness in your business and life.

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