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Hi, I'm Anna.

I am a multi-passionate creative with a fondness for those hidden gem hideaways and cultural crossroads. I spend most of my days creating, dancing, and hacking into coconuts after long swims in the ocean.

The Visual Branding Guidebook


All you need to create a cohesive look for your brand that you can keep consistent across marketing platforms.

Depending on your business and the reason for the photo shoot, props and styling should be considered. Unless I am shooting musicians who are in the act of performing, playing or hold their instruments close by, I like to encourage my clients to think of themselves as actors who perform best when they have something to do. 

It is always best to start planning any photo shoot with a moodboard. I like to use Pinterest but you can also create a folder of saves in instagram or pull images from other sites that speak to you. Check out this post on more about mood boards.

For business portraits, it is nice to have props that reflect the kind of business you are in. I’ve had chefs holding produce if they are focused on plant-based cuisine or we’ve staged a scene where they are in the process of teaching, prepping, or even shopping. For business coaches who primarily do work online, I have set up many scenes with computers or 1:1 client scenarios with other people in the shot. For designers, I have shown them in their studios, sketching or journaling. I have shown musicians and sound cereamonialists with their instruments with a set-up that would imitate what a session with them would be like. Some of the best photo sessions I have done are where the client recreates a scene of them doing their work just as they normally would do or have yoga teachers run through an entire sequence instead of landing on certain poses. Often the location that they are in can tell the story or the clothing that they are wearing. Not all portraits need to have props and some beautiful minimalist shots that feature light and color also have a vibe. I always come back to the story to be told.

For product and fashion, we get to have a little bit more creative and artistic fun. Variety and proper coverage from the macro photography to the extreme wideshots all have a place in conveying the essence of a business or brand. 

Need help in styling or choosing the props? This is where I love to help! Working with local artisans or with people doing cool things provides nice cross collaboration for more than one brand.

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